About Us


Fairy Child Cosmetics is a mineral makeup company founded on a commitment to encourage and empower women of all ages, shades, and hues to celebrate their individual beauty and project that beauty for the world to see.


Since 2012 Fairy Child Cosmetics has specialized in providing a high-quality mineral makeup line that not only competes with the leading brands in terms of its aesthetic appeal, but also recognizes that true beauty is far more than skin deep. For this reason, we are committed to offering products that not only allow you to look your best – whether at work or play – but are also the best for your skincare and overall health. Our mineral makeup line nourishes the skin and improves skin health while providing the exact look that the everyday woman seeks for all occasions.


Some believe that beauty is pain. At Fairy Child, we believe that beauty is beauty.


Founder and CEO - Tanequa L. Carthens

Ms. Carthens founded Fairy Child in 2012 in honor of her grandmother, Fairy who was the true definition of beauty and class. This inspiration motivated Tanequa as she developed into a strong, independent woman and developed the Fairy Child mission and brand, based in Harlem, New York. It is Tanequa’s desire that Fairy Child becomes a household name synonymous with the multiple layers and complexities of womanhood and beauty. In addition to personally overseeing the high-quality cosmetics products provided by Fairy Child Cosmetics, Tanequa actively engages in community outreach and ventures that continue the mission of empowering women to realize their inner beauty, draw upon that strength, and share it with the world.